Dedicated Server vs. Cloud Server – Which One Would I Pick?

Like you, dear reader, I grew out my shared hosting plan at Siteground. I liked them a lot and was very happy with the service they provided. I can wholeheartedly agree with all the positive Siteground reviews. Still, the time came when had to ask myself: “dedicated server or cloud server?” Throughout this text, I […]

Customize Wordpress Dashboard

How to Customize the WordPress Admin Dashboard

Your client just had a first look at your WordPress website and he just loves it. But after seeing the admin webpage, he seems a wee bit unhappy. With all the effort you put into designing the front end, you did not want the meeting to end on this unhappy note. Worry not! There are […]

How to Secure Magento Stores from Hackers

E-Commerce websites are prone to hacking due to the nature of information they store. This can be payment information shared by the end-users to complete a sale. Even if a website isn’t directly initiating the payment transactions, it can be used to rerouting a customer to a fake page before transmitting to the payment processor. […]

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