Customize Wordpress Dashboard

How to Customize the WordPress Admin Dashboard

Your client just had a first look at your WordPress website and he just loves it. But after seeing the admin webpage, he seems a wee bit unhappy. With all the effort you put into designing the front end, you did not want the meeting to end on this unhappy note. Worry not! There are […]

How to Secure Magento Stores from Hackers

E-Commerce websites are prone to hacking due to the nature of information they store. This can be payment information shared by the end-users to complete a sale. Even if a website isn’t directly initiating the payment transactions, it can be used to rerouting a customer to a fake page before transmitting to the payment processor. […]

Understanding the CSS Box Model: Padding, Border, and Margin

When we are thinking about the content on the website, we think about the text, images, videos, forms on the page. Depending on what type of content we are dealing with, we can specify the width and height of our content.

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