Dell’s Technical Support Sucks (XPS 13)

I have bought a used Dell XPS 13 a couple months ago. I had Dell laptops in the past and I was very happy with their home support. I was traveling at the time and they have even managed to replace the motherboard of my laptop in China while on the road.

After that I went with Lenovo, but that was a huge disappointment. Their had the worst outsourced support, and I was not too happy with the quality of the laptop either.

So when I thought I will buy a new Dell laptop, I was hoping I get the same high-quality support I was used to with Dell. Looks like things have changed there. Even though their website and all their tools say I have three more months of active warranty, they refuse to fix my laptop.

The best thing of all? They cannot tell me why they took the warranty off the machine. One of their “support” guys just hung up on me after he was unable to tell me why they cannot fix my laptop.

I will have to buy a new one soon, but I am not sure which one. I don’t want to buy from Dell after this kind of treatment, and I don’t like Lenovo anymore. What do you guys suggest I buy?

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