How to write ES6 code that’s safe to run in the browser

Intro Since being introduced in 2015, browsers have been gradually supporting more and more of the handy features of ES6. This is music to the ears of developers who want a move away from the constraints and quirks of ‘old JavaScript’. But there are some features (notably module imports/exports) that aren’t quite fully compatible with […]

A Look at Javascript Nodelist vs. HTMLCollection vs. DOMTokenList

Working with the DOM using vanilla Javascript has never been easier. You no longer need JQuery to select parts of a website. Still, there are a few things you should know before you can confidently select and modify HTML elements. The Nodelist When you use document.querySelector, you get back a Nodelist. A Nodelist is simply […]

Center a Table with CSS

At first sight, centering a table with CSS seems like an easy task. You just apply text-align: center; on the container and it’s all set. Or is it? I have set up a simple table for demonstration purposes and added the text-align property to the body. body { text-align: center; } The result? It’s still […]

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