How to Enable Passwordless Sudo on Ubuntu

It is common practice to use a sudo username instead of the root for security reasons. In some cases (like letting Ansible do it’s thing on a server), you will need to sudo without a password prompt. The file that contains all the sudoers is located at /etc/sudoers. It is highly recommended to not edit […]

Set up Passwordless Authentication for SSH on Ubuntu

Using a password for authentication on a server is asking for trouble. Servers are under constant attacks and it’s a matter of time until someone hits the right password and hijacks your server. With passwordless authentication, the chance of anyone hacking into your server greatly diminishes. To start, you will need a public key on […]

Css width vs. flex-basis: what’s the Difference?

There is a time in every frontend developer’s life when they learn flexbox and ask: what is the difference between width and flex-basis? They look the same at first glance. The answer is that in some cases they are them same. There are a couple edge cases you have to be aware of. flex-basis by […]

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